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2008 NFL mock draft

Posted on: March 20, 2008 5:26 pm
Edited on: March 20, 2008 11:28 pm

1. Dolphins - Jake Long OT
Now the Dolphins could go in many directions with this pick. they could even trade it. but the fact Long only gave up 1 sack all year speaks volumes. he will be a ficture at LT for 10 years.

2. Rams - Chris Long DE
He could be taken number 1 overall. and the Rams wouldn't mind taken either one of the Longs. The Rams need Defensive help and Chris will be a great addition.

3. Falcons - Glen Dorsey DT
This is a hard one. the falcons need help on the D-line and at QB. since the DT poston isnt strong and with a chance to get a good QB in round 2, i picked Dorsey here. now if Dorsey doesnt have a good Pro day you might see Sedrick Ellis picked here instead. look for them to draft Chad Henne in the second or trade back up into the first round to get him.

4. Raiders - Darren McFadden RB
The Raiders need more help at DT then RB with the Warren Sapp hanging up his helmet, but to pass on a player of McFadden Ability i dont see Al Davis doing.

5. Chiefs - Matt Ryan QB
The Chiefs need QB,DT,CB,OT. and with Glen Dorsey and Jake Long gone the next best player has to be McKelvin. They have needed a CB for awhile. And to pass on the top rated CB wouldn't be wise. but Matt Ryan made all the Throws at his pro day and QB is the most important postion. so Ryan gets the nod over Mckelvin here. but i wouldnt be surprised if McKelvin was picked here.

6. Jets - Vernon Gholston DE
The Jets could use a DT to fit into the 3-4 they run. but Sedrick Ellis fits better in the 4-3. so the Jets will pick Gholston who can play in the 3-4 with great pass rushing skills and speed. He ran a 4.67 at the combine. Should be a perfect fit for the 3-4.

7. Patriots - Leodis McKelvin CB
The Patriots could go in any direction. but with the loss of Asante Samuel, CB is a major concern. and with McKelvin having a great combine the Pats wouldn't pass on the top rated CB.

8. Ravens - Domique Rodgers-Cromartie CB
The Ravens would love to see Matt Ryan fall to them. they would have to trade up to get him it looks like. but the CB postion needs to be adressed they have no dept at the postion and DRC could take the starting job from Rolle and is insurance if McAlister gets hurt again.

9. Bengals - Sedrick Ellis DT
The Bengals need help on Defense yet again. and Ellis would be a clog on the Defensive line.

10. Saints - Keith Rivers LB
The Saints need LB and CB help. but with both McKelvin and DRC gone Rivers would be a solid pick.

11. Bills - Malcom Kelly WR
The Bills need another play maker in the passing game. and Kelly will be just that. he will help Trent Edwards by giving him another threat along side Lee Evans.

12. Broncos - Ryan Clady OT
The Broncos need a OT and LB. and if Claday is still around he will be a solid pick.

13. Panthers - Derrick Harvey DE
Now the Panthers are a tough one to call. they could use a QB to groom for the future. and need help at safty. but the NFL is a copycat league. and Peppers could use some help.

14. Bears - Brian Brohm QB
The Bears could use help on the Off-line. but QB is a postion they just seem to always have issues with. now im not sold on Brohm. and the Bears might not be either. so Chris Williams could be picked here.

15. Lions - Rashard Mendenhall RB
The Lions could use another LB. but RB is a clear need now with the release of Jones. i like Jonathan Stewart the best out of all the backs. but with his toe in question Mendenhall gets the nod.

16. Cardinals - Aqib Talib CB
The Cards need help at CB. and Talib would be a solid pick.

17. Vikings - Philip Merling DE
With both Long and Harvey gone Merling gets picked here. the Vikings need help at DE.

18. Texans - Chris Williams OT
The Texans cant pass on Williams here or can they?  the OT postion is still a concern for them. its been a concern since they joined the NFL. can they really pass on a LT yet again?

19. Eagles - Devin Thomas
The Eagles need a WR in the worst way and Devin Thomas might be the best one in this years draft. he was the top rated WR at one point.

20. Buccaneers  - DeSean Jackson WR
The Bucs need help at WR. and Jackson will do just that with Joey Galloway turning 37 Jackson will give youth and speed to the postion plus he is a returner.

21. Redskins - Lawrence Jackson DE
The Skins could use a WR but with no WR left with the value the Skins address another need DE. they get to add a talent next to Andre Carter.

22. Cowboys - Mike Jenkins CB
The Cowboys might trade up to get McFadden still. but they would be better off stay put. and Mike Jenkins gives them the much help they need at CB.

23. Steelers - Branden Albert OG
The Steelers need a guard and Albert is the best Guard in the draft.

24. Titans - Jonathan Stewart RB
The Titans need WR help. but with all the WR worthy of the 24th pick gone and Stewart still on the board this becomes a easy choice.

25. Seahawks - Kentwan Balmer DT
The Seahawks need help on the D-line and Balmer will be just that.

26. Jaguars - Calais Cambell DE
This is a solid pick for a team that adressed other needs via free agency.

27. Chargers - Kenny Phillips S
The Chargers are a team with no real needs the only real thing they could do is pick a safty to line up with Eric Wenddel.

28. Cowboys - Felix Jones RB
The Cowboys get lucky. they get the CB they needed earlier and now they get the other back from Arkansas.

29. 49ers - Dan Connor LB
The Niners could go offense. OT is a area they could use some dept. but if Connor is still on the board they cant pass on his talent at 29.

30. Packers - Antonio Cason CB
The Packers could use some youth at the OT postion but with Woodson and Harris getting up their in age Cason is a solid pick.

31. Forfeited

32. Giants - Xavier Adibi LB
The Giants have the option taken the best player still on the board or drafting need. Adibi would be both. the kid might be the best LB in this years draft. possible pick instead of LB. Brandon Flowers CB. either of them would be solid picks and great value for the 32nd pick.


Some of you will agree on how i see the 1st round playing out. others will think i am crazy.  but i think no one will argue that NFL teams do crazier things. just look at Al Davis.

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